Let me begin by saying, you are likely a Twat. You may not agree, but that is precisely why you are a Twat. If you do not understand my conclusion please refer to the first sentence in this paragraph. Regardless of your agreement and my analysis, I know why you are here.

Do you know that feeling of broken glass rushing in your veins, the one that makes every beat of your heart hurt and tear you to shreds?
Do you know why your skin flushes?
Your sweat drips creating heat and chills over your flesh?
Do you know why sleep torments you and refuses to come?
Why your mind bears no insight to your insomnia?

It is Me.

You recognize your spinning mind and deceitful mouth which makes you beg for things you know you don't want and yet can't deny.
That weakness deep in your soul; pulling and directing you even when you don't want to follow and succumb to your own appetite.
But are they yours?

You try to stand tall, but your knees buckle and you merge with the ground, all the strength you have is not enough. These are the strings that bind you to Me.
Your thoughts are not your own, your mind turns away, your body betrays and bends toward Me. Your heart bleeds dry, nothing is left but the sharpest claws digging and scratching, twisting inside your soul. You no longer try to fight for freedom from the curse that owns you. You cannot break the power that commands you.

It is Me.

Your flesh is on fire and still, despite the pain, you offer more fuel so the match burns brighter, longer, faster, harder.
You fear the lack of such more than the experience.
You relish the cages of hell, the bars of ecstasy.
The Universe of longing, control, service, humiliation, and punishment.
This is the Universe of My design.

When the ache gets so overwhelming as to drive you mad, you will choose to ignore it and suffer. The ache is not in your body, it is in your soul. If you cannot be with Me, the pain prevails, perpetuates.

I am....
Your sexual desire.
Your mind control.
Your confusion.
Your lust.
Your savior.
Your satan.
Your safe arms.
Your sharpest knife.
Your denial.
Your comfort
Your best friend.
Your worst enemy.
I control you.

Do you know Me?

Of course you do..

I am..

The Doctor who can torture or heal you.
The Empress who owns and enslaves all
The Succubus who sucks you dry of all your resources and debases you
The Mother who controls your basic development and access to nutriment
The Priestess who takes your confession and assigns humiliating penance

All excited now? Of course you are.

After more than 25 years of training hoards of women & men, traveling the world, and enjoying the finest that this lifestyle has to offer, I am retiring..

Soo your life will remain unfulfilled, your need unrealized.
You will remain as you have always been, a Twat.

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